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Caretaking and maintenance

Lawn caretaking and maintenance

Usual standing point of unexperienced individual is that lawn requires only mowing and occasional watering. However, the truth is completely different. Namely, if we desire to maintain beautiful appearance of lawn with high quality turf, it is necessary to committee...

Establishing Is Just A First Step

It is necessary to recognize that established garden, lawn, backyard, alpinetum or any other green interior or exterior area or plant require significant care and attention. Proper startup and establishment of plantscapes is very important and decreases, but still does not eliminate, the need for continual maintenance and care about the plants.

Professional and Planned Caretaking

Care and maintenance includes wide range of activities covering lawn mowing; pruning and shaping the treetops, hedges and plants; fertilization and nutrification; elimination of weeds as well as ticks and other parasites; plant curing; preserving adequate level of soil moisture and PH; collecting and disposing fallen leafs; winter preparation measures; securing conifers…. In order to ensure proper health and beautiful appearance of plants and garden it is necessary for all of needed activities to be carried out continuously, in a planned manner and with strong professional experience.

Omissions in performing particular activities on continual basis could have extremely adverse consequences on health and appearance of your plants. Usually, such consequences could not be resolved in short period of time, since plant require substantial time to heal and regenerate, grow again or re-cover particular area.

Affordable Devotion That Beautifies

Caretaking and maintenance of plantscapes is usually very demanding and long-lasting activity, requiring considerable time but also knowledge, experience, high quality medicines, fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, caretaking requires professional tools (e.g. verticuler, scarificator, lawn mower, trimmer, leaf blower, PH meter…) and other resources that would secure good health of plants, luxurious appearance and enhance our living and working environment.

We will help you to build and preserve irresistible and charming appearance of your garden and ornamental plants.

Caretaking for houseplants and biodecoration

Caretaking for houseplants and biodecoration Houseplants require specific approach, not only in selecting the plant, but also in choosing adequate position, ensuring sufficient levels of light, watering, fertilization… We will help you to properly choose houseplant...

Maintenance of systems for automatized watering systems

Maintenance of systems for automatized watering systems Automatic watering and irrigation systems have very important role in maintaining health and appearance of your yard, lawn and garden. Therefore, it is very vital to preserve its continual functionality and...

Maintenance of other garden elements

Maintenance of other garden elements Gardens are usually enriched by various elements and objects having esthetical as well as practical role in the yard. Namely, garden typically has pathways made of concrete, rocks or wood, as well as decking, wooden and metal...

Caretaking for Trees, hedges, bushes and other plants

Caretaking for Trees, hedges, bushes and other plants Trees, bushes and other ornamental plants bring-in particular charm and attractiveness into garden, without it could appear incomplete and monotonous. Such important role requires especial devotion and care to be...
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