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Usual standing point of unexperienced individual is that lawn requires only mowing and occasional watering. However, the truth is completely different. Namely, if we desire to maintain beautiful appearance of lawn with high quality turf, it is necessary to committee sufficient time and efforts to provide our lawn with a lot of care, attention and work. First of all it is essential to devote sufficient time for caretaking and to obtain specialized tools and high quality fertilizers, pest-controllers and medicaments. Most importantly it is extremely important that all caretaking and protective measures are undertaken in a professional manner.
We are available to takeover complete caretaking and maintenance of your lawn, garden or yard. We would commit to preserve and enhance its beauty and health by planning and undertaking needed measures and activities, we have listed some of them below:
1. Lawn mowing and trimming
2. Elimination of weeds by deployment of both mechanical and chemical measures
3. Aeration, Verticutting and Scarification of lawn
4. Overseeding of lawn
5. Seasonal fertilization by appliance of specialized fertilizers
6. Treatments against ticks, mosquitos and other pests
7. Moss elimination
8. Fallen leafs collecting and disposing
9. Reparation of damaged lawn
10. Medical treatments against bacteria and fungus
11. Disposal of removed grass, fallen leafs…

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