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Maintenance of systems for automatized watering systems
Automatic watering and irrigation systems have very important role in maintaining health and appearance of your yard, lawn and garden. Therefore, it is very vital to preserve its continual functionality and usability. Discovering small malfunctions or damages prevents occurrence of major system breakdowns and ensures permanent watering and irrigation. Also, well-timed changes in programing the automatic sprinkler or irrigation system to reflect seasonal trends and current weather conditions will contribute to better appearance of the lawn, prevent expansion of moss and diseases as well as rationalize water consumption.
Our assistance in this respect covers regular check-ups of the system, programing automatic sprinkler systems, reparation of the system, fine-tuning the sprinkler heads, replacement of broken sprinklers and pipes and various activities aimed at preserving normal functionality of the system including following:
1. Regular check-ups of the watering and irrigation systems
2. Programing the system according to seasonal and current weather conditions
3. Tuning the sprinkler jets (i.e. direction, strength…)
4. Reparation of pipes system
5. Pre-winter system preparation (i.e. discharging residual water, conservation of particular parts…)
6. Hygiene maintenance of manholes and other elements of the system
7. Replacements of aged pipes, tubes, sprinklers and parts in drops based systems

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