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Caretaking for Trees, hedges, bushes and other plants
Trees, bushes and other ornamental plants bring-in particular charm and attractiveness into garden, without it could appear incomplete and monotonous. Such important role requires especial devotion and care to be given to trees and other ornamental plants. In particular, it is necessary to shape and preserve desired form, provide adequate nutrition and undertake protective and other measures. Some species are sensitive and even after shot period of being neglected or lacked caretaking could severely deteriorate and adversely affect the overall appearance of your yard or garden.
Our support and assistance will ensure desired appearance of your garden as we will provide all plants with sufficient attention and care by undertaking all needed measures, some of which are listed below:
1. Regular crown pruning and shaping
2. Hoeing to ensure sufficient aeration and drainage
3. Elimination of weeds around trees and bushes
4. Removal of dried braches and other plant parts
5. Planting and maintenance of flowering outdoor arrangements
6. Nutrition enrichment applied on roots and foliage – fertilizers, macro and micro elements
7. Medical treatment of plants and prevention of bacterial and fungal infections
8. Treatments against insects and pests
9. Pre-winter plant preparation to prevent snow and wind damages
10. Removal of snow from bushes and tree crowns
11. Cleaning and maintenance of mulched areas
12. Fastening of climber plants to create and maintain desired shape
13. Reparation and replacement of tree supporting pillars

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