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Caretaking for houseplants and biodecoration
Houseplants require specific approach, not only in selecting the plant, but also in choosing adequate position, ensuring sufficient levels of light, watering, fertilization… We will help you to properly choose houseplant according to your sense of taste, features of your interior and future caretaking needs. However, similar to any other plants, houseplants required devotion in caretaking to enable them to reach astonish appearance and beam the positive energy and freshens.
We can assist you and takeover entire caretaking of indoor plants you have at your company and home. Our team can care for your plants and ensure their good health and appearance by deploying wide range of activities including the following:
1. Nutrition enrichment by applying suitable fertilizers (with macro and micro elements)
2. Prevention and medical treatments of plants using specialized medicaments for plant diseases
3. Regular visits and health checks
4. Replacement of dried or damaged houseplants
5. Reseeding of plants
6. Measuring soil parameters (moisture, PH…)
7. Watering
8. Water spraying the leafs to ensure sufficient mositure levels, if needed
9. Filling additional soil substratum
10. Hygiene care measures
11. Leaf-shine maintenance
12. Pruning and disposing dried leafs, flowers and branches
13. Cleaning the pots and containers
14. Transportation of plants
15. Temporary plants takeover and caretaking at our location in cases of refurbishments…

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