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Although, spring is usually awaited to proceed with planting trees and bushes it has to be highlighted that autumn is more convenient period for such activities. Namely, planting in fall season provides most sufficient time for root system to grow the most until hot summer months. Stimulation and promotion of growth and regeneration of plant root is of outmost importance for successful integration of the plant in the new soil.

Chosen plants, both in container or in a rootball, require careful planning of the entire process including ground and soil preparation, purchase and transportation of plants as well as planting activity. Usually, properly nursed container seedlings will better tolerate the stress associated to re-planting in new soil and will easier and faster integrate in new location since their root system is typically not reduced (damaged) as it is the case with plant coming in rootballs. Namely, before sale plants in rootballs are being removed from the soil in which they have been growing over the time in the nursery. The dig-out process of the rootball inevitably causes reduction of the root system. This is main reason for these plants to require more time to regenerate and achieve desired appearance after being re-planted. Still, modern nursery methods and plant schooling ensured the root reduction to be minimal even for seedlings in rootballs.

Chilly and rainy weather are perfect for planting a tree and lower the need for additional watering. During the autumn, daytime is shorter and daily temperatures are lower causing the extent of the photosynthesis and reduces growth of shoots reducing needs of the plant for water. On the other side, despite gradual lowering of the temperature, the soil remains rather warm which promotes growth of the root system.

Substantially, planning trees in fall enables better recovery and growth of the root system since surface plant parts are experiencing significantly lower growth rates, which is particularly important for plants coming in rootballs.

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