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Enjoying Each Step

High quality, dense and neat lawn creates extremely impressive and beautiful appearance.

Simplicity Emerged From Complexity

In course of establishing a lawn numerous aspects and characteristics should be taken into account. First of all, it is necessary to analyze landscape features and constrains (e.g. sun exposure, interaction of the lawn and other present plants, shape and terrain leveling…). Also, it is very important to define the intended usage, watering manner, possibilities and challenges related to future maintenance as well as many other issues.

Depending on these factors lawn starting method would be selected (i.e. by seeding or turf carpet sodding or…) as well as seeds types, technique of terrain leveling and soil preparation, planning sprinkler system…

Beauty Requires Commitment

It is necessary to highlight that proper and continual lawn caretaking and maintenance requires utmost commitment compared to other plant species. Therefore, it is highly important to clarify that starting a lawn creates very beautiful and useful ambient detail but also it imposes obligation for continual caretaking and maintenance. Obviously, this refers to lawns of high quality and density (without weeds, pests…)

Finest Carpet Turfs Or Selected Seeds

In this respect, we will share our knowledge, advise you and deliver superior carpet turfs or excellent seeds and establish a lawn that would make you satisfied and joyful.

Easing The Way To Longevity

We recommend installing the sprinkler system as a reliable model to ensure adequate and timely watering, being weighed according to characteristics and humidity of the soil in different areas of your lawn (e.g. different watering levels in shade and sun, elevated and depressed spaces…). Such approach ensures endurance of the lawn, eases maintenance of turf density and quality and reduces moss and diseases infestations.

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